Investment Process

The investment process is a very complex undertaking, involving many entities responsible for its various parts. Based on our years of experience and by analysing the contractual provisions, we develop a dedicated insurance program covering each of its stages.

Our offer is aimed, in particular, at:

  • investors
  • developers
  • architectural and design offices in all branches
  • contractors
  • entities supervising investment projects

Together with our team, including professionals in legal, economic, and engineering fields, and thanks to our knowledge of the construction industry, we offer proper and adequate services in the area of investment process insurance.

The result of our work is the translation of “Insurance language” into the specifics and realities of the engineering industry, which allows us to draft a professional insurance offer.

We focus all activities on securing interest of our clients within the full range of contracts, approaching them individually with widest scope of cover

How do we operate?

Our primary role is to

  • conduct negotiations of individual insurance terms and conditions with all insurers on behalf of the client
  • perform a thorough analysis and make recommendations of insurance offers gathered from the market
  • Provide on-going support in the analysis of the content of current contracts relating to liability in contracts concluded and the possibility of securing it with an appropriate insurance policy
  • actively participate in the negotiation of insurance contract provisions with the contractors
  • actively participate in the claim settlement process
  • handle and assume the responsibility for the effectiveness of insurance policies

What risks, in particular, are covered by investment process insurance?

  • general liability
  • professional liability
  • construction and assembly risks
  • loss of investor’s profit
  • insurance guarantees
  • miscellaneous risks for which insurance cover is possible