Food Producers

Difficult access to foreign markets with their restrictive and not always precise legal regulations or rather complex supply chain, mean that nowadays the activity of food producers, processors, or distributors is burdened with a high risk of potential claims.

One of our main specialisms is the comprehensive service provided to the broadly defined food industry.

As an insurance broker, we conduct a full analysis of the risk of our clients’ activities and implement solutions leading to its effective reduction. Each time we seek protection tailored to the individual needs of the company represented. In addition to traditional insurance solutions, we find means to increase the level of security for our clients’ operations, such as:

  • product recalls
  • with the possibility of extending it to cover damage to the product itself (CPI)
  • insurance of machines against breakdowns (MB)
  • business interruption insurance (BI)
  • professional support during the settlement of claims

By cooperating with our Company, you can gain security and comfort in the running your business, and thanks to the support of our experts, you also gain the certainty of professional support in the event of damage.