Cooperation With Us

We offer our clients continuous and reliable care in the field of insurance, covering comprehensive business operations. We analyse current needs on an on-going basis and review our insurance contracts accordingly. We focus on creating and implementing insurance solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of our clients.

We place great emphasis on the awareness of our clients’ entire management staff regarding their insurance, in particular, on the knowledge of their insurance coverage, the possibilities of its extension, the insurance cover terms and conditions, as well as excluded scenarios and events.

This awareness develops a transparent dialogue between us and the client, thus strengthening the mutual relationship.

Our work with each client starts with a thorough analysis of their policies. Irrespective of the insurance period, we verify whether the coverage fits the risks presented by the client and, depending on the needs, we propose optimal solutions and possible tightening or extending of the existing cover.

The work on individual risks involves careful collection of information and the necessary documents. It is often necessary for us to carry out an additional audit of the premises. On this basis, we develop a map of risks and the scope of necessary provisions constituting the basis for drafting an enquiry addressed to Insurance Companies.

Once we have received the insurance quotes, we conduct additional negotiations on the terms and conditions of the insurance — both in terms of coverage and cost. Once the negotiations are finalised, we prepare a comparison of offers which we present to the company’s management. By showing both the pros and cons of each proposal, we enable management to make an informed decision on the protection they will receive.

By using our services, you gain a number of benefits:

  • Professional and clear Insurance Programs for your Company
  • Care and advice on insurance matters and representation of the Company’s interests in relations with the insurance market
  • Assumption of responsibility for concluding insurance contracts by members of the Management Board
  • Transfer of a number of responsibilities of the Company’s employees to a professional advisor
  • Savings in time spent analysing proposals from Insurance Companies
  • Increased insurance coverage with a relative reduction in the cost of policies
  • Full support in the claim settlement process
  • Constant monitoring of new products emerging in the insurance market
  • Efficient handling of day-to-day matters through contact with the Company’s dedicated account manager, who has an up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of the insurance program of their clients